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11 Years Smart Accessories ManufacturerHishell, Your Best Choice
Ensure lead time, Quantity and Quality*
Own 12000㎡ factory, 8 years experience workers
Advanced production and checking equipment, strictly guarantee the quantity and quality
Overvalue service * In-time follow up from all aspects
Complete customer service system,professional customer support,
provide best purchasing plan according to your requirements
Prompt response ,follow up order status anytime
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Brand strength * 11 years experience *
Professional team over 100 people ,11 years of R&D and production experience
Integrated design,OEM, production with sell,exported to overseas
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Maximum Profit * Factory Price
Ladder quotation ,cost effective, manufacturer produce and sell directly,lower purchasing cost for customers
Sufficient profit , same quality, lower price
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OEM/ODM 专业生产


Shenzhen Gobay Electronics Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Gobay Electronics Co,. Ltd began as a manufacturer of Smart Products.
We handle molding, rubber painting and assembly in our factory, which means we must carefully control the product quality and strictly ensure timely delivery. Our products have been widely exported to North America, the Middle East, Europe and Asia ect. With 11 years of marketing and production experience, experienced workers can support us in meeting large orders.
We can also provide OEM/ODM service to the customers. Our company motto is quality first, service first. And Gobay continually surpasses all expectations and has become the preferred choice for our partners. We have integrated quality as a core component in our vision and strategy. So we are the one you are always looking for.

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